Thursday, April 30, 2009

Christmas Quail

Hopefully, this is the "fini" of this 11-month project. My photo is not the best in the world, but following the critique comments, advice, counsel, suggestions, and everything else, I have darkened the shadows both in and between the cactus petals and the underbody of the quail. I have darkened and textured and highlighted to emphasize the light source on all of the petals and pods. At this point, there are between 40 and 50 washes on the petals because everytime I looked at the cactus (which is in my back yard), the petals changed colors. When I decided to count the different greens this cactus has (I chose 3 PM as this was the time of day when I took the original photo) and decided to forget it when I hit 30. What struck me the most was the petal in lower was decidedly a gray-green and the thorns just faded into the petal. As I mentioned previously, this was proposed to be my 2008 Holiday card; now it will be my 2009 card. If this doesn't pass muster at the next VG and AAG meeting, it may well be my 2010 card. This is 22"wx28"h and will be framed in a rustic oak frame which really gives it a finished presentation.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Grand Canyon view

We took our houseguest to see the Grand Canyon. The weather was absolute and crisp and clear with sunshine...which allowed us ample time to enjoy the famous views and gorgeous colors. I know two fellow artists that would take this photo and transform it into a vision on canvas thru oil or pastel on paper...Woodie Mackie and Susan Roper. This is truly outside the realms of my skillset, so I must only admire the talent of others in this arena.
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Colorado River in Grand Canyon

This photo was taken from the Watchtower at Desert View Point in the East end of the Grand Canyon - April 2009.
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