Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chihuly Perfection

Ahhh! The sun on another piece of perfection. This is just a small fragment of this particular exhibit which has approximately 150-200 pieces.
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Chihuly's Blue Chandelier

Too bad I can't convey the size via the photo and again, the sun is behind the clouds. So although you can see the rich, deep blue, it lacks the sun-kissed sparkle. Fantastic piece
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Another Chihuly Exhibit

This photo actually shows two of Chihuly's exhibit. The yellow in the distance is his Tree of Sunlight and the orange pieces in front (just a few pieces of approximately 75 similar shapes) are like bursts of flame. Unfortunately, these are in the shade and you miss the stunning impact of their color.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Chihuly Exhibit Entrance

If you can ever have the experience of attending a Dale Chihuly Exhibit, take it! This exhibit is at the Desert Botanical Gardens and goes thru May,2009. These 3 pieces are at the entrance of the Gardens and there are a total of 17 separate exhibits within the Gardens. As you can imagine, it is rather like going to Alaska and taking photos of the glaciers. No photos can do justice to the color, especially when the prisms of light travel thru each piece.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peruvian Maiden II

Another version, but my photo is less than desirable on this...too fuzzy and I cropped top portion of hat. I believe I'm getting into the eyes better and the nose is better formed just by using the undiluted Burnt Sienna. Can hardly wait for my next "portrait".
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Art Chix Show Dec 13-14,2008

Susan Roper took photos of all of the Art Chix and their display at our show last weekend. All involved did well, but the star of the show was Diane Eason and her fabulous art.
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Peruvian Maiden

This is a little painting I did during Saturday at the Art Chix show. It was done very tiny (4x6) on a Kilimanjaro Baby Block. In an attempt to paint faces of ethnic intrigue, this was particularly appealing to me. In addition to the facial structure, the blanket and hat details satisfied my desire for small, intricate detail. The background was dropped in by "wet on wet" and then some dry brush at the finish. It was a neat exercise!
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Quail

When I first started this piece last August, it was going to be my 2008 Season's Greeting card. However, even thought it is almost's not there yet. The male quail needs a bit more fine tuning and I need to deepen values more on the cactus, as well as add a thorn or two. The feathers on the female quail were an exercise in patience. The various background shades were dropped in by a wet on wet process taught to me by S.Roper and then each feather is done by a flick of the wrist with a small fan brush that is almost dry. It is watercolor on 300# and is 22"x30". Should reduce very well to a beautiful 2009 greeting card. Must admit that doing the birds was sorta fun for the first 100 strokes; after that I seriously considered naked quail....then stuffed quail....then baked....well, you can guess the rest. Will post the final when I am finished.
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