Monday, January 26, 2009

Pueblo Pottery #2

This is the same painting but I have edited out my genius striping.
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Pueblo Pottery

Another typical example of my photo skills. This is 22x30 on 200#paper and when I try to photo while it is still attached to my gatorboard, you can see that it ripples. 300# paper (my fav) wouldn't dare ripple. A friend shared this photo with me. Her friend actually designed and painted the pottery and because she had seen some of my earlier paintings with two views, wanted me to paint this pot the same way. I thought adding the two stripes of color would compliment and "finish" -- but that may end up being cut out. On top view, I used a blending technique (compliments of Arlen Madole) to phase the dark interior up and out on the lip of the pot. Open to comments.
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The Turqouise Necklace

When taking Susan Roper's watercolor class, one of our last assignments was to paint a subject of our choice. I photographed this arrangement in my media wall. A sandalwood candle, a metallic copper, bronze and gold bowl, and my turqouise nugget necklace. Even though I used AJ metallic paints - copper, gold, and silver (for the silver chain and nugget base), it does not show up in this photo. I played around with my original photo using my Picasa program thinking I would get some of the metallic finishes to show but believe I only succeeded in messing up the photo. I am so pleased that I still feel challenged to learn new techniques both in painting and on the computer. There are times, however, when I would like to spear the monitor with my new brushes. Am open and soliciting comments.
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