Wednesday, November 3, 2010

La U'iltima Cancio'n - The Last Song

I thought I had posted progress reports of "La U'iltima Cancio'n" (The Last Song), but they are not appearing in the blog. I am almost finished and then this cowboy (I am uncertain of how to title - The Last Song OR Los Caballeros) is on his way to his new home in California. He is watercolor; free-hand drawing; on 22x30 unfinished 300# paper....should frame out at 30x40. He was fun to do and as you can see, I truly need to focus on drawing/shading hands.

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Hawaii Orchids, Crab Cove and me

The Botanical Garden in Hilo is a fascinating "must see" place to add to your bucket list.
The swirling surf at the edge of Crab Cove and a photo of me taken by our fab SCW friends - B&T - who joined us on our 14-day Hawaiian cruise.
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