Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Clay Lady II

A very contemporary sculpt piece 22x30 on 300# paper. Lots of experimenting with curves and shadows.
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Clay Woman III

This one of a series of 4 clay ladies that I have done thus far. While touring the ceramics club in Sun City West, there was a member doing these marvelous little clay women sculptures. When I asked if I could photograph for future paintings, she was very gracious and gave me permission to do so. The little pots that accompany these clay ladies are actually Maria Ortez pottery that she purchased on a tour to Mexico. The interesting and challenging part of doing these paintings is that they are not painted, they are thrown on a wheel and then shaped with the hair, facial features, hands, feet, and folds of the fabric. The sculptor is pleased with the results, and the artist feels challenged enough to continue more attempts with using values to define shapes.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Animal Illusions - The End

Again, 11x15 on 200# paper -- this painting convinces me that I should probably stick to painting pottery. This more closely resembles the actual photograph and while it was fun, it was also frustrating. I still cannot do the feet and the tails were not swishing the was I envisioned. The 3 young students, however, were winners!!
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Animal Illusions - Equus Finis

An experiment in "camp" painting. 11x15 on 200# paper. 3 students just finishing their successful dressage event and waiting for the scores. I painted another of this group from photo provided, but wanted to have a different take on this one. I believe it would really look great in a greeting card.
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Starry Night

Nightscape Series #170 -This is a 22x30 watercolor on 300# paper - one of the first I have done where I have a landscape background. From the top down, I used several washes (the stars are where I lifted my Frisket coating) and did some additional lifting with my brush as the sky meets the mountain ridges. I originally intended to submit the finished product for a corporate international holiday card, but could not satisfy my vision of how the horses feet should be shown. As you can see, I opted not to show the feet at all. This is also my first attempts to show facial features and body contours. I thought it would also be my last, but the challenge of "trying to get it right" is too much.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Kachina Collection #168

"Badger" of my Kachina Collection - watercolor 22x30 on 300# paper and float matted on 30x40 expresso brown matboard. This is my best version of dry brush over numerous dried washes, as well as the sanding to give a sueded leather look on the footware. It also gave me an excellent opportunity to experiment with the wood pedestal on which Badger is standing. Many observers felt that I should have included a background in the collection to avoid making it look like illustration art, but my intent was to have total focus on the kachina.
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Kachina Collection #169

"Horned Owl" of my Kachina Collection of watercolors. Painted on 22x30 300# paper, it is float matted on 30x40 dark brown matboard and framed in black frame. This watercolor has numerous washes and is sanded between dried washes to give the effect of sueded leather around the shoulders and ankles. Although it doesn't show up well in the photo, the necklace and armband are painted in
American Journey Turquoise and just glows like a real turquoise stone.
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Kachina Collection #162

"Speckled Corn" is a juried piece from my Kachina Collection of watercolors. 22x30 on 300# paper, this is interesting because of the dry brush process that I used over numerous dried washes. It is float matted on a 32x40 dark brown mattboard and then framed in a small black wooden frame. When several of these are exhibited together, they are quite striking.
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Tuscan Tribute #128

"Ellie's Pots - Part I" - These pots are done on Unyru paper, a silk-thredded paper that is fascinating -- if unpredictable -- to work on. The silk threads pick up the watercolor and pull it into the paper thus giving the background a cracked stucco look. Inasmuch as my palette colors are somewhat limited, I was enthralled to see the effect Cad Red and Copper had on my golds and browns. What a fun piece to do.
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Historical Treasures #131

"Historic and Contemporary Pueblo Pottery"
This watercolor shows 7 different time frames in the design and shape. Size is 22x30 and won an Honorable Mention in an Arizona juried show. In reviewing and doing a self-critique, I believe I could have intensified the shadows - making the individual pottery designs stand out.
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Native American Pottery

This was an unusual painting for me to do. I combined three photos to make this watercolor on 300# paper. Because I wanted an unusual texture on the big pot, I painted it in a series of some 30 washes and used sandpaper inbetween the dried washes. I was pleased with the results, but later thought I should have applied the same technique to the small pot and the blanket. This painting (22x30) is now in a private collection, but I am just starting a similar watercolor using 400# paper. Will keep you posted on my results.
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