Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Animal Illusions - The End

Again, 11x15 on 200# paper -- this painting convinces me that I should probably stick to painting pottery. This more closely resembles the actual photograph and while it was fun, it was also frustrating. I still cannot do the feet and the tails were not swishing the was I envisioned. The 3 young students, however, were winners!!
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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


The back view of these horses and girls is the real charm of this painting and it carries it well....horses' feet, swishing tails and all.

Were I asked to critique this, I would probably suggest blurring the background mountain details and make it more indistinct since it plays a minor support role and should recede into the distance more. That would keep the spotlight on the girls and horses, who are done in a good, painterly style.

The camp painting just makes me smile, the stylized lines of the painting are well-done and everything is in synch to be taken for what it is, camp. These are very nice!