Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Quail

When I first started this piece last August, it was going to be my 2008 Season's Greeting card. However, even thought it is almost's not there yet. The male quail needs a bit more fine tuning and I need to deepen values more on the cactus, as well as add a thorn or two. The feathers on the female quail were an exercise in patience. The various background shades were dropped in by a wet on wet process taught to me by S.Roper and then each feather is done by a flick of the wrist with a small fan brush that is almost dry. It is watercolor on 300# and is 22"x30". Should reduce very well to a beautiful 2009 greeting card. Must admit that doing the birds was sorta fun for the first 100 strokes; after that I seriously considered naked quail....then stuffed quail....then baked....well, you can guess the rest. Will post the final when I am finished.
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Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I like th emale bird now and those receding cactus pads are nice, too! Doesn't look like there is much left to do before this one should be signed and framed!