Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Coyotes

After finishing a rather brief walk late this afternoon....it was cooooold (60) and windy....we saw these coyotes at the end of the culdesac where our home is located...this is the end of the driving range. So, I quickly went inside for my camera, came outside and took these photos. 6 coyotes were clustered in one pack and a lone outcast was a few yards to the right. I took numerous photos and then their ears, then heads started to look up because they could hear our voices. One (3rd photo) decided he was "outta there" regardless of what the rest of the pack did. In the meantime, the "outcast" didn't move a muscle. We came back inside and shortly after, they all started their howling....which is very loud and can easily be heard inside the house.

This morning, I watched 2 coyotes walk to our "across the street" neighbors front door and yard, then over to our front patio. One passed just 2 feet from the window.

About 2 weeks ago, one coyote walked into our front courtyard carrying a rabbit in his mouth. He was searching for a place to bury it for later dining because he went to our next door neighbors front yard, dug a hole with his paws, deposited the rabbit, and covered it with the landscape rock with his paws and nose. Tough nose is all I can say. My New Year's resolution was to keep my camera handy for future coyote escapades and I've already blown it.
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