Wednesday, September 3, 2008

City Flowers

This is a painting in the process -- with a long way to go -- lots of new challenges for me, including angles of lines, old stonework, values for shadows, and European cars. Am pleased with the building stonework on right side of painting. There is darker stonework on the center building that turned out nice (but doesn't really show in the photo), the blocked stonework on the left building is still "building" and needs to be adjusted as it is out of sync. I didn't notice that it was out of sync until I did the photo. Also, there needs to be some depth perception adjustments. My reference painting is from Arlen Madole, so I am anxious to do credible work even though this is waaaay outside of my comfort zone. Comments are welcome.
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Anonymous said...

This WIP is well on its way to becoming an extremely interesting painting. Congratulations on moving "outside your comfort zone" and trying something totally new.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

It is too early in your process for me to know what you plan for these buildings, but if they are old brick buildings the lines of them seem to be a bit contemporary and modern? I'd like to see the ref photo though. If the lines are a bit too stark, that can be changed, I'll be anxious to see how this one comes along. It truly is a stretch for you, huh? So far, so good, though and it is good to see you going out of your comfort zone, it is good for all of us to do that for (or is that to) ourselves.